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Many things contribute to your good health, or lack of it.  In some instances, the cause of your ill health is quite clear, but often it isn’t. 

Whilst I treat many identifiable conditions such as eczema, asthma, allergies, and burnout, I also work with people who just feel unwell and don’t have a diagnosis.  This can range from chronic tiredness, bloating, skin eruptions to recurrent aches and pains. 

I help people at all stages of life, from babies and young children to the elderly, including those who have just started or plan to start families. 

Diverse factors lead to your state of health including nutrition, lifestyle, levels of stress, quality of sleep, exercise, daily activity and more.  Together we explore these to find out what is and isn’t working for you.


Since your gut represents 80% of your body’s immune system, it is no surprise that many health issues stem from gut imbalances. 

Other major contributors to health issues are hormones such as insulin, cortisol or oestrogen, which are triggered by diet, digestive health, levels of daily activity and your stress load.  Your emotional state also affects your physical health.  Everything is interconnected and no part of you works in isolation.

My aim is to identify the underlying cause.  I call this root-cause resolution.  Whilst treating your symptoms might be helpful in the short-term, unless the root cause is identified your symptoms will normally recur. 

We begin by looking at your historical health issues.  Lab tests might be recommended, as they help identify any imbalances and underlying causes of your health problems.

Your body has a wonderful ability to heal itself when supported in the right way.  To this end we explore the various approaches that can help you on your healing path and introduce support that suits you and fits your lifestyle. 

I work from my home clinic in Zurich, and in at Healthy Living (Highbury & Islington) in London four times a year.  Many of my consultations are held via Skype or Facetime, so international consultations are no problem.



Zurich Clinic

Förrlibuckstrasse 225, 8005 Zurich

To speak to me: 076 451 20 53

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London Clinic

Healthy Living Centre 282-284 St Paul's Rd, London N1 2LH

To speak to me: 020 3289 7654

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How could functional medicine help you?

Get in touch to set up a time to discuss your situation on Skype. I offer a free 20 minute chat so you can find out more about naturopathy and whether it might be the right approach for you.

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