I have been sharing with you the information on the Coronavirus and the associated concerns for the past couple of months.  This is because our lives have and are changing.  The freedom we enjoyed in January of this year have been eroded.  The news we are getting through mainstream media and television are fake to a large extent and is intended to whip up fear and strip us of our freedom of choice and democracy.  The world has been financially crippled by a ‘virus’ (or is it a bacterial infection as Italian doctors maintain) that is no worse than the annual flu, yet doctors who point this out are banned within hours from mainstream media and social platforms.  The doctors speaking about inexpensive and 100% effective treatments are being silenced and losing their jobs if they dare to share this with the public.  We are being threatened with mandatory vaccines that have led to high mortality when tested in the past.  These vaccines contain genetically modified mRNA and DNA, which will genetically modify the humans into which it is injected.  Such vaccines have never been tested to see what the long-term effects are.  Yet globally health institutes are racing ahead to manufacture these vaccines, skipping the animal trials and lying to us about the success of the phase 1 trials, while at the same time banning a 70 year-old tried and tested, inexpensive treatment Hydroxychloroquine, claiming it has not undergone peer-reviewed testing, which they are not submitting the vaccines to.

The hypocrisy and lies are becoming increasingly evident.  The end goal clearer.  More than ever we need to question the narrative and go behind what mainstream media is telling us.

We have learned that the Africans are now being vaccinated with the Coronavirus vaccine that contains the nano-chips, which are being use in China by the totalitarian state that seeks total surveillance and control of its population, and which operates via 5G, which is also being unrolled as quickly as the development of the Coronavirus vaccines.

The reason for the absence of blogs earlier this year is because I was investigating 5G and its significance.  I was looking at whether or not it could in any way be connected to the Coronavirus and the very evident push for mandatory vaccines.  I discovered that the two are very much connected.

In this week’s blog I am sharing with you the links to the 9 short videos ranging from 7 to just over 15 mins which will give you an overview of 5G.  I will go deeper into the connection between Coronavirus and 5G in later blogs.  I will be adding to these videos in time.

I hope you enjoy the fruit of many hours of work and dedication.

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