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Silicon-Rich Water Benefits

What have increasing levels of Alzheimer’s got to do with recommendations to drink Silicon-rich water? Professor Chris Exley, at the University of Keele, has been researching the effectiveness of drinking water high in silicon to remove aluminium from the body for...

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Sunshine and Vitamin D

Sunshine is important for our health. Vitamin D is a steroid hormone that we get from exposure to sunshine or from supplementing with Vitamin D. Vitamin D improves our immunity. It helps us fight colds, flu, bacterial and viral infections. Cancers Optimal Vitamin D...

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Start Addressing Hayfever In The Autumn

Most of us only think of addressing hayfever symptoms when the pollens have hit the air and we are suffering. This is too late, as our immune system benefits from support several months in advance of any pollen onslaught. Hayfever is a chronic allergy. Taking...

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What You Should Know About the Flu Vaccine

My 87 year-old mother was invited to have her annual flu jab this year. Until now she remembered she doesn’t have these, because she knows they don’t work. My late stepfather was a GP and he knew this too and advised her against having it. But her slow onset...

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I mentioned the importance of hydration in blog 3, the areas affecting good health.  Water makes up about 60% of your body weight1.  Your body needs water to function properly.  Every cell, organ and tissue in your body needs water.   You need water to flush out...

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Constipaton part 1: health issues and causes

I wanted to touch on this as it is closely related to the topic of dietary fibre we covered earlier.  Many people don’t understand what constipation is.  I found this out in a consultation some years ago when I asked a gentleman if had regular bowel movements.  “Yes”,...

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The Main Areas Affecting Good Health

It is generally accepted that there are several main areas affecting good health.  These are: Nutrition Hydration Stress Sleep Exercise Activity Mobility Toxins Sunshine Most of us will do well in some areas and less well in others.  Let’s begin to explore what these...

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The Benefits of Eating a Rainbow Diet

Let’s look at why it’s important for us to eat a range of different coloured fruit and vegetables. Different fruit and vegetables make our plate look more enticing and interesting.  Chefs use different coloured foods to creatively to produce beautiful and artistically...

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What causes arthritis? A Functional Medicine view

What causes arthritis? It is an auto-immune disease which is caused by inflammation.  If you want to treat inflammation you need to put out the fire and not treat the smoke.  Functional Medicine always looks for the root cause.  We don’t treat symptoms, we treat the...

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About Tara

Tara Alex Zenker practices naturopathy in London, Switzerland and internationally on Skype. With a passion for healing the gut naturally with a functional medicine approach, Tara Alex writes articles here to help inspire and empower you to heal yourself naturally.

About Tara

Tara Alex Zenker praktiziert Naturheilkunde in London, in der Schweiz und weltweit per Skype. Mit einer Leidenschaft für die Heilung des Darms auf natürliche Art und von einem funktionellen medizinischen Standpunkt aus. Tara schreibt Artikel um Ihnen zu helfen, Sie zu inspirieren und zu befähigen, sich mit natürlichen und holistischen Methoden zu heilen.

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