Another step in becoming aware is to understand what is happening in our environment that might affect our health.

Let’s take a look at the chemtrails that are filling our skies adding to our levels of aluminium toxicity. Chemtrails are the lines of white haze that trail behind certain planes and remain in the air forming clouds as they disperse. Vapour trails that come from a normal aeroplane will only remain visible for one minute at the most, that is until the ice particles which constitute this white trail melt and disperse.

The vapour trails from chemtrails are visually and chemically significantly different to plane vapour trails. Whereas normal planes might leave one or two trails, the chemtrail planes have five chemical trails behind them:

It appears that the Department of Defence is secretly carrying out global Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering, putting aluminium, strontium, and barium (to name just a few) Nano particles and moulds into their fuel and spraying the skies on a daily basis with this toxic brew of poisonous heavy metals and chemicals. The metals are micronized to enable them to remain in the air for longer. When aluminium, which makes up the largest share of the aerosol, falls to earth it is inhaled, goes up our nostrils and then into the frontal lobe of our brain.

Aluminium is a no. 1 neuro free radical generator to the brain. The Nano-particles create scar tissue in the brain causing dementia and Alzheimer’s and cause early brain death1. Barium is known to adversely affect the heart2.

Nano particles of aluminium oxide and barium are the same materials that they use in Nano thermal explosives. So when these particles settle into the earth they are absorbed by trees and plants. When there is a forest fire these fires burn at much higher temperatures than they would normally and are therefore much harder to put out. Firefighting costs have risen significantly since Chemtrails started1.

Water has been found to contain 47% greater amounts of aluminium, 10-20 times higher amounts of strontium and 20 times the normal amount of barium than before chemtrails. Levels of aluminium in rain have risen from 0 mcg/Lt in 2011 to 13,100 mcg/Lt in 2013.

The question many are asking is, could this be one of the main causes of the massive increase over the last few decades in Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other neurodegenerative diseases, which have quadrupled over the last 5 years.

When these Nano particles enter your cells they penetrate your mitochondria and dramatically suppress your immune system. Nano aluminium is absorbed in much higher amounts than standard larger-sized aluminium molecules, going directly to the brain, spinal cord, and lungs, where it causes inflammation, worsening asthma and sometimes causing acute respiratory difficulty. The husband of a friend of mine collapsed while running through a London park earlier this year as a result of chemtrails.

Aluminium is overloading streams and the ecosystem is collapsing. The microbial bacteria is being killed by aluminium toxicity. Aquatic insects were found to have reduced in 2006 to 20% of previous levels. Major bird species are dying out.

Apparently, governments are authorising chemtrails in order to combat global warming. But why the secrecy?

What concerns me is that this broad scale chemical experiment will cause an increase in levels of neurodegenerative diseases in both the elderly and the young if allowed to continue3. There should be an open discussion so we can be informed of what our environment contains in terms of possible health-threatening toxins. Otherwise we can’t take steps to control ourselves and our families.


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