At a time when so much fear and confusion is being disseminated by mainstream media, health institutions (carrying out computer-generated studies) and governments (poorly informed) it is time for us to take stock and start questioning the narrative.

  • Why are vaccinations the main treatment being promoted for CV-19 in mainstream media?
  • Especially in The Guardian newspaper, which is funded by Bill Gates. (1)
  • Why are immune-enhancing supplements i.e. nutritional science, lifestyle, and already tried and tested 100% effective treatments not being mentioned, in fact, why are any mention of these being taken down from all social media platforms and shockingly absent from all mainstream media discussions?
  • Why are hospitals inflating the numbers of COVID deaths and being rewarded financially every time they label a patient as having Coronavirus being censored on Social Media? (4), (5), (6), (7),
  • Why are heath institutes, globally, like Public Health England, inflating the number of people infected with Coronavirus? (8), (9), (11)
  • Who is pushing the over-inflation of COVID-19 mortality statistics?
  • Why are they using tests that are 80% unreliable, i.e. they test falsely positive in 80% of cases? (10)
  • Why are doctors speaking out about the effective treatment of Coronavirus, namely, Hydroxychloroquine combined with zinc and vitamin C being censored on Social Media and their heartfelt posts being taken down within a matter of hours? (12). Who is deliberately hiding the truth from us and why?  Lives could be saved if the world listened to the doctors sharing a 100% effective cure with the public.  To watch this video go to (13)
  • Is Bill Gates really the philanthropist the papers are making him out to be? If you follow the money you will find the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation donates millions to many health organisations globally, thereby effectively preventing them from giving any narrative other than theirs.  It also ensures these institutions do what he tells them to.  However, he makes massive financial gains from doing so.
  • If his main aim is philanthropy, then why is he positioned to be the main person to financially profit from these vaccinations? Is getting a 20-to-1 return on your investment philanthropy?  Would philanthrocapitalism be a better term? (14), (15)
  • Especially since Bill Gates is now telling us he wants everyone in the world to have several of his vaccines, one will not be enough. (18)
  • There are huge profits to be made from Coronavirus vaccines if each double shot costs circa $39. Do the sums.  Bill Gates is talking of vaccinating 7.5 billion people.  He will walk away with a profit of $292.5 billion.  The taxpayer who funded the development to the tune of £/$ billions will not be recompensed.  This is not philanthropy… (19), (20)
  • Are you aware that the Bill Gates Foundation charity donates $35,000 a year to the private school their children attend, Lakeside School as well as to many large corporations in which he holds shares?
  • Why is he now the main force behind global health when he has not a single medical qualification? Especially since his recommendations contradict recommendations from experienced and highly qualified, independent front-line doctors. (13)
  • Why is he in charge of developing vaccines when hundreds of thousands of children in India, Africa, the Philippines, Congo and Afghanistan have died and/or been paralyzed by his vaccinations? More on this in a later blog. (5)
  • With so many deaths and children crippled from the vaccinations from the Bill & Melinda Gates’ Foundation (or one of their associated vaccine companies) why is he free from all liability for side-effects (including paralysis and death) from these vaccines? (16)
  • Why were these deaths and the paralysis of so many children never mentioned in any of our mainstream newspapers? (5)
  • Why is no one disclosing the fact that Bill Gates is putting chemicals into his vaccines, often mandatory, that cause infertility, preventing the women who have been vaccinated from ever conceiving? (5), (16)
  • Why are the highly effective means of treating Coronavirus-19 mentioned below not only not being mentioned in mainstream media but also being censored on social media as “fake news” and why are our health institutions not embracing these in lieu of untested vaccines that have a terrible track record (see the trials of the SARS vaccines in the past which led to multiple organ failure)? Listen to this 5-minute video with Robert Kennedy and Del Bigtree about the previous vaccine trials for SARS (a relative of Coronavirus-19).  (17)
  • Given the terrible track record of previous SARS vaccines why is Bill Gates and all the vaccine producers (funded by him) skipping animal trial and going straight to human trials? (17)
  • Why are governments agreeing to make these untested and previously fatal vaccines containing genetically modified DNA or mRNA, the consequences of which have never been studied, exempt from liability? It would be possible to wipe out and/or cripple most of the global population in one fail swoop if there were severe side-effects.  Which, incidentally, there have been from this type of vaccine-trial in the past. (17)


Doctors on the front line are recommending the following treatment for Coronavirus

  • Dietary improvements to balance blood sugar and eliminate Diabetes naturally. (It is possible to reverse Diabetes Type 2 in 30 days)
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin C
  • Hydroxychloroquine combined with Zinc and Zithromax (antibiotic) (more about this highly effective combination in a later blog)
  • Zinc
  • Immune support through natural supplementation (I sent you a list of recommended supplements in one of my earlier blogs)
  • Exercise
  • Social Contact

These are only some of the questions we need to be asking, rather than blindly accepting what the BBC (funded by Bill Gates) and mainstream media (how many are independent and how many are funded by institutions who are best positioned to financially gain from vaccinations) feed us.

It’s time to wake up and look for the truth behind the mainstream media’s heavily influenced version of events.


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