SARS -2  COVID-19: How to Protect Yourself

As lockdown continues and the number of people being infected by COVID-19 increases I wanted to share both common-sense steps to take as preventative measures to support your immune system and both help prevent and aid recovery with infection.

Coronavirus-19 belongs to the family of Coronavirus infections, as I mentioned in my previous blog.  The three major and most fatal coronaviruses have been SARS in 2003, MERS which seems to have begun in South Korea and Saudi Arabia 2012 (1) and continued into 2018.   Today the novel mutation is called SARS-2 COVID-19.  I’ll speak about the unique composition of CV-19 in a later blog.

Where this virus originated is still up for discussion.  Joshua Philip, investigative reporter for The Epoch Times, New York, interviewed more than one biochemist, including Judy A Mikovits molecular Biologist.  All interviewed believe that COVID-19 is not a natural mutation and was engineered in a laboratory (3).  The mainstream media is finally getting there.  This is disturbing news. However, whatever the origin, what we do know is that it is highly contagious  “due in part to increased globalization and the focus of the epidemic. Wuhan, China is a large hub connecting the North, South, East and West of China via railways and a major international airport. The availability of connecting flights, the timing of the outbreak during the Chinese (Lunar) New Year, and the massive rail transit hub located in Wuhan has enabled the virus to perforate throughout China, and eventually, globally.” (4)

We also know that it causes acute and sometimes fatal respiratory disease.  Essentially, haem in the haemoglobin of your blood is attacked, resulting in lower and lower amounts of oxygen and CO2 being carried in the blood and poisoning taking place in the lungs as a consequence.

The best defence you have is to ensure your immune system is not compromised.  We know those worst affected are those people with other ailments.  These include heart disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, high blood sugar, lung disease, obesity and those on a poor diet and suffering from nutritional deficiencies (8).  If you have been following a less than optimal diet, this is a wake-up call to change this.  The last thing you want is to avoid making yourself susceptible to infection. 

How do you strengthen your immunity?  

Firstly, you follow a healthy diet.  Above all, you avoid sugar and processed foods.  Studies have found that sugar turns off your immune system for up to 5 hours after consumption (6).  Sugar raises your blood sugar levels and thereby your insulin levels, both of which cause inflammation.  Processed sugar is basically a nutrient-void chemical and leeches vital minerals from your body causing you to become nutritionally deficient in these (6).  Over-consumption of sugar leads to auto-immune diseases, including cancer (6).  Sugar is therefore not something you want to be eating with a virus like COVID-19 around.

My suggestions for sugar substitutes are Stevia, Monk Fruit or Lakanto, and Yacon Syrup (I prefer the syrup rather than the powder form.  However, this is the most expensive option).  If I bake cakes or make desserts I use a combination of these.  This way I can enjoy a sweet treat and know that it is healthy and sugar-free.  Below are some links for purchasing these alternative healthy sweeteners:

Stevia Drops:

Stevia Powder:

Yacon Syrup:

Monk Fruit.  I recommend Monk Fruit without Erythritol and additives.  Erythritol is a sugar alcohol and studies have found that alcohol sugars cause gut permeability.  I regret I can’t find a supplier in the UK.  Please let me know if you do.