Are You Questioning What is Happening?

As I mentioned in my last blog, over the last few weeks I have thought long and hard about whether to continue blogging.  I used to write about health concerns such as hayfever in Spring, colds and flu during winter and other common health concerns from constipation to asthma.  However, the seriousness of these ailments is eclipsed by the very real threat to our health, wellbeing and freedom of choice. 

So, although it might not sit comfortably with all my readers, I ask you to excuse me.  I cannot write about anything other than what I consider to be the greatest threat to us all since the war.  I am writing about what I see as the risk to your and your family’s freedom to choose, something that until recently we all took for granted; with hindsight of course we shouldn’t have as things were changing, but were hard to detect.  The effect of our freedoms being curtailed, and it looks like they are being seriously curtailed, will affect our happiness and health, not to mention our finances.   I am writing about what I believe we all most need to know at a time of huge, global, corporate, and governmental misinformation and corruption, namely, your right to life.

Earlier this week, there was a very good article in the Telegraph by Jonathan Sumption (a former senior judge, who sat on the Supreme Court between 2012-18).  What he said was, “What we really need is a fresh look at the evidence by people who are not committed to their own past positions. This is what the Health Advisory and Recovery Team (HART), a group of more than 40 highly qualified scientists, psychologists, statisticians and health practitioners have provided in an “Overview of the Evidence” published last week. It is addressed to non-specialists, but is scrupulously referenced to specialist research.” 

The link to this very readable document, with chapters on the various topics is 

There is a review of the serious issues of vaccines for children on pages 7 and 8.  Included in them are 3 major points that also affect adults, namely:

  1. The vaccines being rolled out have only limited short-term data and no long-term safety data available.
  2. Known, potential, late-onset effects from vaccines that have not yet been ruled out include adverse immune response to infection, neurological disorders, autoimmune disease and pregnancy related problems which could take months or years to become apparent.
  3. Pfizer-BioNtech and Moderna vaccines involve completely new mRNA vaccine technology which has never previously been given to a large population
  4. AstraZeneca, while involving a standard delivery method, still involves presenting DNA fragments to the host cell which will then be taken up by the host to programme for spike protein production rather than the more traditional whole virus or viral protein technologies.  The recent suspension of this vaccine in over a dozen countries over blood clot fears is cause for concern.

References to information supporting statements in points 2. And 4. Can be found in the HART Review.

I would like to mention a couple of important points raised in the HART Review (HART Review p 31) namely, “that not everyone can catch COVID-19 as many have pre-existing immunity so would never be a viable host.  Studies show that this is about 50% of the population.  Also, an increase in excess deaths (those above the ‘ expected’ deaths) coincided with the mass roll-out of a novel mRNA vaccine, on an extremely vulnerable population.”  (HART Review p 35)

The reason for highlighting the above ahead of the other very serious points raised in the review, is that vaccinations are being rolled out now and you should be aware of the risks.  There is a complete absence of transparency regarding these.  Mainstream media is hiding both those permanently injured by and those dying from the vaccines.  We need to question the two opposing methods of calculating the numbers.  Namely, that throughout the last year hospitals have been instructed to label anyone dying from any cause, even a car or motorbike crash, within 28 days of testing ‘positive’ (by PCR Test) as dying from COVID-19.  Media abounds with examples of people dying from heart attack or cancer who were labelled as dying from COVID-19 because of this ‘instruction’.  In direct contrast, the cause of people dying within hours or days of a Coronavirus vaccine is rarely being attributed to the vaccine.  Instead we are being given blank denials of any possible connection.

The other question is that when you have read the report you will see the amount of hard evidence ignored by the government and its advisors and the very damaging solutions they have proposed, from lockdown to masks.  The question worth asking yourself is “is it sensible to follow the advice to be vaccinated from those who have been instrumental in imposing these hugely destructive policies for our health, both physical and mental, our finances and the dismantling of our way of life, including freedom of choice; the new term for this being “Unfreedom”.  How can we trust the ‘science’ of people who have carried out such unscientific measures despite sound evidence based on scientific studies from doctors and scientists.

The HART- Review: