My 87 year-old mother was invited to have her annual flu jab this year. Until now she remembered she doesn’t have these, because she knows they don’t work. My late stepfather was a GP and he knew this too and advised her against having it. But her slow onset Alzheimer’s is progressing and she forgot. Fortunately, she asked me why she was going to the GP the following day and I managed to cancel her appointment and request she be removed from their mailing list for any future vaccinations.

Why am I doing this when the health authorities insist that this flu jab is effective at protecting the elderly throughout the winter from this year’s flu epidemic, especially as we have been told that there is this nasty “boomerang flu” heading our way?

Well, as with most things today, we need to look behind the newspaper articles, standard advice and sales pitches by those acting on behalf of the pharmaceutical companies. We can no longer accept information at face value today without doing our own research to verify it. There is a lot of misinformation in the newspapers. Surprisingly, the Telegraph newspaper ran an article “Flu Jab Given to Millions Is Useless” this year6. The truth is finally getting out.

A report by Public Health England revealed the flu jab is totally ineffective for the elderly1. This is because we know viral strains mutate from one year to the next. So health experts have to guess at which viral strains will cause next year’s influenza. At best their guesses are only 50% correct4. There are much better ways of helping you reducing your chances of catching the flu, and that is by taking immune support and reducing sugar in your diet.

A great piece of information to keep in mind when you are offered medication is to ask for The Number Needed To Treat or the NNT. In the case of the flu vaccine, the number needed to treat in order for one single person to benefit is 40 (NNT = 40)2. This doesn’t seem an effective use of funds when studies have proved that taking Vitamin D is 10 times more effective in those who are deficient in Vitamin D than the flu jab. Also the number of people needed to treat with Vitamin D in order for one person to avoid catching influenza is 33 (NNT = 33). It makes financial sense to be testing for deficiencies and if required giving the population Vitamin D rather than the flu jab, especially since Vitamin D has so many other benefits, the main one being improved immunity.

Death from influenza is extremely rare. “Flu” deaths are usually pneumonia related, as the body is weakened and the pneumonia bacteria can flourish 3. Studies show that flu vaccines do more harm than good3. One of the reasons for this is that each flu vaccine contains thimerosal, which is 49% mercury, sometimes as much as 25mcg. This is 250 times higher than the FDA’s safe limit for mercury.3. Sadly most vaccines contain mercury and other toxins that are harmful to our health.

Flu vaccines also contain antibiotics. Repeated antibiotics destroy the beneficial microbiome in your gut and can cause fungal overgrowth5.

Additionally flu vaccines also contain Polysorbate 80, an emulsifier. This can cause reproductive effects, cancer and can lead to anaphylactic shock in certain individuals and also death5.

Even with children, the rate of children under 5 dying from flu is extremely low and on the decline. But in 2003 the US government decided to offer mass vaccinations to the under 5s. The number of flu deaths in this young age group shot up that year. There was undeniably a connection.

Let’s consider the mercury in vaccines; in this case the flu vaccine. Mercury is a poisonous toxin to the body. Dr Fudenberg, immunologist and biologist, explained the effect this has on recipients of the flu vaccine4:

“If an individual has had 5 consecutive flu shots between 1970 – 1980 (the years of the study) his / her chance of developing Alzheimer’s Disease is 10 times greater than if they had one, two or no shots.”   When asked why this is, Dr. Fudenberg stated that, “It is due to the mercury and aluminium build-up that is in every flu shot. The gradual mercury and aluminium build-up in the brain causes cognitive dysfunction4.”

It is important we do our own research these days. I have one of the two APOE-4 genetic alleles that render you genetically susceptible to developing Alzheimer’s. I am 30% more likely to develop Alzheimer’s in my senior years than someone with neither of the APOE-4 alleles. It is important I know this and take steps to prevent the genetic switch being turned on. I’ll speak more about how we manage our genetic inheritance in another blog. We need to do this if we want to retain good health and quality of life into our 80’s and 90’s. One should remember that hose who have had five flu vaccinations are10 times more likely to develop Alzheimer’s with questionable benefit from the vaccine. My mother, who already has Alzheimer’s, possibly has one or both ApoE-4 alleles. Regular flu vaccines would increase the rate at which her Alzheimer’s develops. This is a high price to pay for something that offers minimal and possibly no health benefits.


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