The Start of Global Health Fascism?


I want to bring your attention to the fact that our health and vaccine institutions are neither transparent nor independent.  Many of us believe that our doctors know best, that the health institutions such as the FDA in the US and Public Health England are obtaining their information from doctors and scientists with experience in this area and are acting in our best interests.


Sadly, the opposite is true.  We used to think that lobbying only took place in the USA.  This is no longer the case.  Let’s take a look at just some of the organisations that receive funding from Bill Gates in the picture below:



From this diagram you will see that the BBC is funded by Bill Gates, as is The Guardian Newspaper.  I recently learned, to my great disappointment, that The Daily Telegraph has also received funding from Bill Gates to the tune of £3 million.  Furthermore, Imperial College of London and Ferguson, who’s computer generated model for the spread of Covid-19 was used as the pretext to close down the world for a virus that has a mortality no worse than the annual flu to cause global bankruptcy and massive unemployment, are funded by Bill Gates.  Yes, the symptoms can be more severe than your typical annual flu, just like SARS and MERS in previous years.  However, I have noticed that annual flu symptoms have been increasingly severe over the past few years, with chest and respiratory symptoms lasting weeks to months in some people.  But then the fact remains that it is a small group of society that suffers from the serious or life-threatening symptoms.  There was absolutely no reason to close down the global economy.


So why did this happen?


In this diagram we can see how Bill Gates is funding our own Chief Medical Officer, Chris Whitty.  (1) Chris Whitty is on the board of CEPI, an organisation founded by Bill Gates to “accelerate the development of vaccines against emerging infectious diseases and enable equitable access to these vaccines for people during outbreaks.” (2)


Chris Whitty also chairs the UK Vaccine Network which “brings together “industry, academia and relevant funding bodies to make targeted investments in specific vaccines and vaccine technology for infectious diseases with the potential to cause an epidemic”. (1)


Under Chris Whitty’s administration — Whitty is co-lead for the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) — the NIHR and UK Research and Innovation are giving another £20 million to CEPI for Covid–19 vaccine development. This is in addition to the £50 million already given by the UK Government to CEPI.



It becomes clear that the UK’s approach to Coronavirus is being driven by Bill Gates through his funding of the key agencies involved in the decision-making.  We have already seen in previous blogs that Bill Gates is determined to vaccinate the global population and make close on $300 billion profit from doing so.


Even Public Health England is caught up in this tangled web of funding.  We are led to understand that the “PHE is an “operationally autonomous executive agency, sponsored by the Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC)”.


In June 2018, PHE transferred its drug development to a new state-owned company, Porton Biopharma Ltd (PBL), which is wholly owned by Her Majesty’s Secretary of State for Health (currently Matt Hancock). We are told that “the future success and revenue growth of PBL will provide PHE with an income dividend which will be ploughed back into the delivery of its priorities”. Once again, we see the revolving door (the polite term for blatant corruption) between government agencies and private, for-profit sectors with a focus on vaccines.  So Matt Hancock is far from independent and will profit financially from the unrolling of Coronavirus vaccines in the UK. (1)


Let’s take a closer look at Matt Hancock and UK Government commercial interests in Covid–19 

The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock, is owner of Porton Biopharma during his tenure; but that is not the only tie that Hancock appears to have to for-profit entities that stand to benefit from Covid–19 response strategies.

A recent report in the Byline Times detailed “highly controversial contracts” which will enable British ministers and senior health officials to “mine confidential data from tens of thousands of Covid–19 hospital patients”. These contracts have allegedly been awarded to technology companies “without being put out to competitive tender, NHS has disclosed”. Microsoft is included in those companies; that is, Bill Gates is present.  No surprise.  (1)

Furthermore, “both Hancock and Dominic Cummings, chief adviser to the Prime Minister, have questionable ties to Babylon Health, a prominent health tech firm implementing AI. Cummings held an undisclosed consultancy job at this healthcare venture: a firm endorsed by the government and at the top of the list to receive a National Health Service (NHS) Fund cash injection of £250 million.” (1)


So those in the highest positions of authority in the UK, making decisions on behalf of the population, decisions which will earn them millions, are far from independent.  A profit-before-health approach is infecting our health institutions causing a definite lack of transparency, a lack of involvement of health experts better positioned to decide on the best approach to disease management and a complete absence of ethics.



Covid–19 is pushing us towards global health fascism

Covid–19 threatens an imminent “new normal” of global health tyranny and unprecedented government control and surveillance.


The most influential members of the UK Government advisory team have demonstrated a blatant conflict of interest through their connections to the Bill Gates empire, but the British Government itself has invested heavily in the global immunisation concept that Gates is engineering through all manner of public and private sector initiatives.


Bill Gates is demanding indemnity against lawsuits before he agrees to distribute vaccines. We are all being fast-tracked into a future where our medical self-determination is in serious jeopardy and where those who decide for us will, potentially, not be held accountable for any health-endangering side effects.


We have already seen the devastating consequences of mass immunisation during the H1N1 epidemic, with questionable Big Pharma transparency regarding risk, as found by those who were given a vaccination that left them brain damaged for life. (3)


Experts in the field have warned against rushing through a Covid–19 vaccine, bearing in mind it can usually take up to fifteen years of rigorous testing prior to approval.

The H1N1 vaccine travesty must serve as a warning against precipitous vaccine development motivated by lockdown cabin fever, when the lockdown itself is looking more and more likely to be orchestrated to achieve precisely this outcome.

At the same time, as the possibility of compulsory vaccination is under discussion, the government intends to roll out a surveillance apparatus that will ensure forever-control over an already politically weakened workforce pushed ever deeper into financial insecurity, first by austerity measures and now by Covid–19.

It is very important to push back against the emotional triggering that is being generated by the state-aligned media and agencies. The behavioural insight experts are working hard to nudge us towards dependency on the state — but we must not surrender our individual and collective independence. We must determine the drivers behind this “crisis”, identify the causes, and deal with the symptoms without succumbing to fear or panic. It is not easy; but our futures depend upon our ability to see what is really going on and to respond accordingly. (1)