What have increasing levels of Alzheimer’s got to do with recommendations to drink Silicon-rich water?

Professor Chris Exley, at the University of Keele, has been researching the effectiveness of drinking water high in silicon to remove aluminium from the body for many years. The main driver for this is that aluminium is a heavy metal toxic to the human body and above all to the brain and neurological system. Aluminium toxicity is behind not only Alzheimer’s but also Parkinson’s and MS, all neurological diseases1, autism and epilepsy2.

According to Dr Exley we live in an age where aluminium toxicity is common. I spoke about Chemtrails in my previous blog. We should also consider the amount of aluminium that gets injected directly into infants with the ever-increasing vaccination schedule and into those who have the recommended annual flu jabs.

I will go into this more later. Dr Jockers charts the amount of aluminium in each childhood vaccine below:

So firstly a reminder of the main sources of aluminium and then why silica rich water is so helpful.

Studies show that your risk of developing Alzheimer’s increases tenfold after just 5 flu vaccinations, because of the amount of aluminium injected into your body with each jab3.

This is tragic, especially because year after year studies are published showing the flu jab doesn’t prevent flu amongst the elderly, the most vulnerable group when it comes to the dangers of catching influenza4.

Dr Jockers lists what flu vaccines contain in terms of toxins:

So back to silicon-rich water. We can have high levels of aluminium in our body from other sources, not just vaccinations. For example, saucepans and camping cookware were made from aluminium. If you cook with aluminium foil this releases aluminium vapour into your food as it heats up. The classic stove-top espresso coffee makers are made out of aluminium. If you use any of these regularly you will be absorbing aluminium and adding to your aluminium toxic burden.

High levels of aluminium in the body isn’t the only cause of Alzheimer’s, mercury toxicity also plays a role, as do other forms of toxicity. Diet naturally plays a large role. Alzheimer’s is being referred to as Type 3 Diabetes because of the harmful effect of a high sugar diet on the brain. I’ll speak more about how to avoid Alzheimer’s later.

Infant formulas are heavily contaminated with aluminium5. Acid rain absorbs waters containing aluminium causing toxicity our streams and rivers6.

So on to silicon rich water. We have an easy option for aluminium toxicity, supported by decades of research by Dr. Exley and his team. If you drink silicon-rich water every day you lower your body burden of aluminium. Dr. Exley believes this could prevent further build-up of aluminium and either prevent any further development of Alzheimer’s or reverse it. Dr. Exley found that drinking silicon-rich water for a period of only 12 weeks brought significant cognitive improvement without any side-effects in Alzheimer’s patients1.

The water you want to purchase should ideally have a minimum concentration of silicon of 30mg/Litre.

The best silicon-rich waters available on the market are4:

  • Acilis or Spritzer from Malaysia. (Personally, I choose not to import from a distance)
  • Fiji
  • Volvic (the most local to the UK)

Foods naturally high in silica include4:

  • Oats (595mg/100g)
  • Millet (500mg/100g)
  • Barley (233mg/100g)
  • Potatoes (200mg/100g)
  • Jerusalem artichoke (36mg/100g)
  • Red beets (21mg/100g)
  • Asparagus (18mg/100g)
  • Bananas (13.60mg/250g)
  • Cooked green beans (6.10 mg/250g)
  • Raw carrots (4.58mg/200g)
  • Brown rice (4.14mg/200g)

The good news is that simply by consuming these you can lower the aluminium levels in your body by up to 70%1!



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