Table or refined white sugar is made from sugar beet.  It consists of one molecule of glucose and one of fructose.  The processing of sugar strips it of all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes required to metabolise it.  Refined sugar is a chemical of no nutritional value.  Worse, it “borrows” these missing minerals and vitamins it needs to metabolise it from our own body tissues1.  For example, it takes 287 molecules of magnesium to metabolise a single glucose molecule (there about 7,400 million, million, million molecules of glucose in a sugar cube2).

Therefore, if we are consuming a high sugar diet we are stripping our body of essential nutrients.  Worse than this, sugar strips your body of potassium and calcium too.  Potassium and magnesium are required for proper cardiac function.  Deficiencies in magnesium are pro-inflammatory and pro-cancer, indeed pro-all auto-immune diseases. High sugar diets cause osteoporosis5.  Sugar turns the body into a suitable breeding ground for viruses, bacteria, fungi and cancer by devastating the immune system4.  Sugar feeds cancer cells which have around 18 times as many insulin receptors than any other cells in the body.  Sugar consumption suppresses your immune system for up to 5 hours after consumption6,7.   Worse, sugar feeds cancer4.   We all have cancer cells. The question to ask is, am I feeding these cells with their favourite food every day 4?

A high sugar consumption during pregnancy increases the risk of birth defects, sugar causes tooth-decay, destroys the beneficial gut flora that are the mainstay of your entire immune system, sugar lowers the IQ of children, sugar causes obesity which leads to diabetes (we will cover this later) which is now a global epidemic.

After years of making fats the Bad Guy it emerges sugar not fats causes coronary heart disease by damaging the inner lining of your blood vessels the same way consuming gravel would, causing inflammation and scarring of your arteries.  Cholesterol is called in to repair the scarring caused by sugar. Cholesterol is the Good Samaritan and repair crew.  Sugar is the real culprit behind inflammation.