Richie Allen:

I am sharing with you the shocking news that the UK government has now decided to poison the entire UK population by putting fluoride, shown in previous studies to damage, not protect, children’s teeth and to damage their IQ, into our drinking water.

Fluoride is a toxic poison and an industrial waste product.  I can only think that the UK government, like many governments currently, is knowingly unrolling environmental bioweapons designed to harm the population.  Our skies are polluted with chemtrails; our soil and crops are poisoned by the chemtrails and the chemicals sprayed on them in the form of herbicides and pesticides, including glyphosate known to damage our gut flora and thereby our immune system; our water is polluted by the poisons in the chemtrails, and the medications and contraceptives excreted in our urine; our food is poisoned by toxic artificial sweeteners and addictive chemicals and an excess of sugar.  Our bodies are endangered by the untested vaccines being unrolled which will genetically modify us as well as lead to transhumanism, and now fluoride is to be added to the toxins in our water too.  What is their end game?

Powers to fluoridate the country’s water supply will be handed to the government within weeks, according to The Times newspaper today. As things stand, only councils can add fluoride to water. Currently, six million people in the UK drink water that has been fluoridated. Health ministers want everyone to drink it. They say it’s to do with fighting tooth decay. As usual, they’re lying, and fluoridation of our water is just the beginning.

A new government bill proposes that ministers take back powers ceded to the NHS in 2012, to make it easier for them to order the NHS to adopt a more preventative approach to healthcare. That sounds benign enough, but it isn’t. In reality it’ll open the door to even more state interference in our lives. One line in the white paper which contains the proposals reads: “…care that focuses not just on treating particular conditions, but also on lifestyles, on healthy behaviours and prevention.” Pay close attention to “lifestyles and healthy behaviours.”

The Times has called it the biggest reform in healthcare in a decade. I saw this coming. I’ve talked about it frequently on The Richie Allen Show over the years. MHRA chief June Raine said weeks ago, that in future the NHS would be moving its focus away from treating illness to preventing it. Ask not what your health service can do for you, but rather what you can do for your health service. That’s the big idea.

The plan is to blame individuals for poor health and insist on sweeping lifestyle change. Our life choices are putting unnecessary strain on the health service they will say. Therefore, we must be good citizens and change our behaviour. They will implement this brave new approach to healthcare through the Chinese Social Credit model. It will be drilled into us that our health is most certainly not our own business, that in fact it impacts wider society.

They will point to Covid-19 and say that if we’d taken better care of ourselves, the pandemic wouldn’t have hit us quite as hard. The dawn of the internet of things and smart cities will make it easy for them to monitor us. Health passports are here now and here to stay. There will be consequences for those who aren’t taking care of themselves, though what exactly those consequences might be, I can’t say. Restrictions of some kind or another I’d guess.

As far as water fluoridation goes well, it’s a crime against humanity. We must not allow ourselves to be medicated without our consent. The fluoride dumped in the water is actually industrial waste. Imagine that? Studies have proven time and again, that children who drink fluoridated water, tend to have lower IQ’s than those who don’t. The Chinese proved this. They compared 30 areas that added fluoride to the water with areas that didn’t. In the areas that didn’t, the mean IQ score of children was seven points higher than in the areas that added the chemical.


In 1997, British scientist Jennifer Anne Luke published a study entitled “The Effect Of Fluoride On The Physiology Of The Pineal Gland.” She concluded that by old age, the pineal gland contains about the same amount of fluoride as teeth. The pineal gland is in the brain, moderates the body’s sleep-wake cycle, regulates the onset of puberty in females, and helps protect the body from cell damage. The National Research Council published a review on fluoride toxicity in 2006. It found a range of negative side effects from fluoride, including “decreased melatonin production” and “other effects on normal pineal function, which in turn could contribute to a variety of effects in humans.”

Do you believe that the government will inform you of the above, before dumping chemicals in your drinking water? Not a chance. Informed consent is a thing of the past. You only need to look at the roll-out of the coronavirus vaccines for proof of this.