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These four videos offer a brief overview of 5G.  I was guided to listen to the 5G-Crisis-Summit in January 2020 when a friend of mine suffered from radiation sickness caused by his mobile phone.  I dived into the 5G-Summit and my life has never been the same since.  I came to understand that a new and untested technology is being unrolled globally, on earth and in our skies, with no regard to the independent safety studies that tell us it will possibly destroy all life on earth.

The way 5G has been evaluated by governments and industry, is such that none of the prerequisites for an honest evaluation have been adhered to, namely a review that is:

  • Independent
  • Transparent
  • Includes people with the appropriate competencies

What is being unrolled cannot, unless you are one of the unfortunate sensitive people, be:

  • felt
  • heard
  • smelled
  • seen

It lies outside our sensory perception.  We therefore have less awareness of it and the dangers it poses.  That is, until we start suffering from electromagnetic sickness.  By then it might be too late.

We are possibly heading for a catastrophic outcome. Why are the thousands of independent studies and petitions, from doctors and scientists alike, that show the biological harm of 5G technology being ignored?  What we want is for our governments and scientific bodies to evaluate 5G based on the above principles of independence, transparency and competency.

It seems, because of the size of these corporations, they can bend politicians, and thereby governments, to their will.

I try to address some of these questions in the following videos.  Please come back again as I will be posting more videos and going deeper into the different aspects of 5G.

5G Webinar - Overview

This is a short overview of the other 8 videos and only takes a few minutes. Hopefully it will wet your appetite!

5G Webinar - Part 1

This video covers how 5G differs from the preceding generations of 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G.  How not one safety study is being financed by the mobile phone companies. 

5G Webinar - Part 2

Video 2 covers studies showing the carcinogenicity of electromagnetic radiation. A copy of the Swisscom application for a Patent specified that mobile phone radiation caused cancer, and how … Read More

5G Webinar - Part 3

Video 3 questions whether we still live in a democracy at all given the huge financial influence and control of the large corporations. 

5G Webinar - Part 4

Video 4 mentions the cantons in Switzerland that have called for moratoriums, and the countries that are opposing the unrolling of 5G.

5G Webinar - Part 5

This video covers how 5G differs from the preceding generations of 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G.  How not one safety study is being financed by the mobile phone companies. 

5G Webinar - Part 6

Part 6 explores how satellites are being put into space and reviews the first time this took place in 1998…. Read More

5G Webinar - Part 7

Part 7 presents the concerns of scientists and doctors regarding the known biological harm of 5G.

5G Webinar - Part 8

We look at the other agencies that are covering up the truth instead of protecting us the public, the sole purpose for which they were created.

5G Resource Library

This section includes resources and information on 5G.


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