Robert Kennedy explains in this 9-minute video how our regulatory companies are essentially vaccine companies.  He is speaking about USA regulatory companies, but as we saw in my last blog, there is a rotating door between the vaccine industry and our health minister (Matt Hancock), and the chief advisor to our Prime Minister (Dominic Cummings) both of whom will benefit from the sale of vaccines, especially if they are made mandatory. Our health institutes are also being funded by people and institutes with an agenda to make vaccines mandatory in order to make massive financial gains.


Let’s look at the FDA

“The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) plays a critical role in ensuring the safety of patients and the healthcare system as a whole.” (2)


This is not possible with the FDA receiving 50% of its budget from vaccine industries (1).  There is a definite conflict of interest.


Let’s look at the CDC

“As the nation’s health protection agency, CDC saves lives and protects people from health threats.” (3)


How can this be possible given the CDC obtains 50% of its budget from buying and selling vaccines.  It is essentially a vaccine company owning patents for vaccines from which it makes a consistent and significant profit. (1)  Here is a definite conflict of interest.


Let’s Look at Oxford University Vaccine Research and Development

Oxford University has received over $243 million in funding from Bill Gates.  It is impossible for it to be independent and not be promoting Gates’ global vaccine narrative. (4)


Let’s Look at Chris Whitty England’s Chief Medial Officer

Chris Whitty received $40 million in funding from Bill Gates.  He is not independent. (4)



Dr William Thompson, vaccine researcher for 18 years in the CDC, admits being ordered by the CDC to fake science over the last decade on vaccine-induced autism.  They knew that black boys had a 363% greater risk of autism from the MMR vaccine.  However, he was forced by the CDC to destroy this data.  This is not protecting and saving human lives, it is protecting and saving corporate profit at the cost of human lives.


I recommend the 9-minute video below (1).  We need to become aware that those whose jobs it is to protect us are often doing the opposite and protecting the corporations who will make massive profits at our expense both in terms of negative side-effects, sometimes life-changing, and sometimes fatal.  It doesn’t matter to them.  We need to wake up to the fact that we live in times of medical fascism, where profit is the only motivating factor.  We need to do our own research before believing in their often fake narrative.


(Robert Kennedy suffers from an oesophageal condition.  Please be tolerant of his voice.)


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  1. Robert Kennedy speaking about the funding of our health institutions: