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My approach to healing

I offer personalised treatment to address your individual symptoms. Through a combination of exploring your personal health-history, what the possible root cause might be, evaluating your symptoms (the expression of your imbalance) and when and why they started, running laboratory tests (if needed); we work together to create your personalised treatment programme.

My treatment programmes are:

  • Personalised – we observe your unique health issues and life experience
  • Preventative – we address the root cause and decide how best to avoid a continuation of your problems
  • Participatory – you are very much involved in the programme and aware of each step you are taking and why
  • Proactive – it is your participation through observing and sharing between consultations that leads to improvements in your health.

The Functional Medicine “Five Rs”

I often use a Functional Medicine “Five Rs” approach in my consultations, if your symptoms would benefit from it. These are:

  1. Remove – pathogenic bacteria, parasites, fungi, foods to which you are intolerant or allergic, environmental pollutants, and stress (stress pays havoc on gut health) Laboratory tests enable us to identify what your gut issues are
  2. Replace – stomach HCL if lacking, digestive and pancreatic enzymes, fibre to support general gut function and avoid constipation (which causes toxicity)
  3. Reinoculate – support your microbiome with lactobacillus and bifidobacterium
  4. Repair – maintain and heal the lining of your digestive tract Rebalance – explore stress management, healthy eating, exercise recommendations
  5. Rebalance – explore stress management, healthy eating, exercise recommendations

Together we work through all five stages. Your symptoms guide us to a treatment programme that best suits you. I often use laboratory tests to guide us.


Please get in touch using the form below to book in for a free 20-minute initial consultation to and discuss your personal situation and how many sessions you might benefit from.



I call this naturopathic approach to healing root cause resolution or a Functional Medicine perspective.  Together we look to understand your body as a holistic and interconnected system.  Your skin rashes didn’t start in your skin any more than your asthma originated in your lungs.

Frequently asked questions

How do the consultations work?

The first consultation typically lasts 90 minutes.  We run through your completed health questionnaire and decide on the best healing protocol for you.  This will change as you progress so we maintain a proactive and participatory approach, observing and bringing understanding to developments along your healing path.

Follow-up consultations usually last between 45 to 60 minutes, depending on your health requirements.  Initially these are every 6 weeks, and then on a less regular basis as your health improves.  I aim to get you on a simple maintenance programme once your health goals have been met.

How long would we need to work together for?

Depending on your symptoms treatment can take from six months to over a year.



Zurich Clinic

Förrlibuckstrasse 225, 8005 Zurich

To speak to me: 076 451 20 53

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London Clinic

Healthy Living Centre 282-284 St Paul's Rd, London N1 2LH

To speak to me: 020 3289 7654

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How could functional medicine help you?

Get in touch to set up a time to discuss your situation on Skype. I offer a free 20 minute chat so you can find out more about naturopathy and whether it might be the right approach for you.

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